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Yacht Paint - DuPont Marine Finishes


Bluewater Supply is your premier supplier of yacht paints and finishes. Whether you need basecoat, clearcoat, epoxy compounds, topcoats, antifouling paint, bottom paint or specialized yacht paint, Bluewater can assist your needs. Our most popular and dependable product is our line of Sea Hawk & DuPont marine paints & finishes, but we can also acquire other specialty paints.


  • Basecoat - MS100 Basecoat, Basecoat Activator, Basecoat Reducer
  • Primers - Aluminum Primer Activator, Aluminum Primer Base, Direct To Metal Primer Activator, Direct To Metal Primer Base, Finish & High Build Primer Reducer
  • Single Stage Topcoats - MS600 Brush & Roll Topcoat,Topcoat Activator, Brush & Roll Topcoat Reducer, Topcoat, Accelerator








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Alexseal® prides itself on the premium yacht paint that it produces. Alexseal® yacht paint is easy to apply and maintain; is extremely durable; retains the glossy, impact-resistant topcoat (formulated to be repaired in case of an unexpected scratch), and produces Distinction of Image (DOI), which is the brightness and sharpness of the reflected image or object. If you're looking for a dazzling finish that stands up to heat, chemicals, scratches, caustic oil, fuel and detergents, choose Alexseal® so that you can spend more time enjoying your boat than caring for it.


New Nautical Coatings, Inc., an American made and family owned business, has been manufacturing Sea Hawk yacht paints since 1978. Sea Hawk Premium Yacht Finishes include antifouling paint that controls marine fouling from barnacles to slime to algae while its specially formulated foul-release chemistry produced for props and running gear dramatically increases speed. For the best in American-made yacht paint, epoxy, primer systems, cleaners, solvents, and resins, choose Sea Hawk products for your marine projects and repairs.


No room for compromise? That's DuPont's philosophy when it comes to selecting protective coatings for your watercraft. DuPont Marine Finishes are engineered to deliver superior appearance, performance, corrosion protection, and chemical resistance - requiring less cosmetic maintenance over time. DuPont's fairing compounds, primers, top coats, basecoats, clearcoats, and wood finishing systems provide the best protection against abrasion and ensures that your yacht retains its mirror-like finish longer than conventional yacht paints. Plus, DuPont offers the longest and most comprehensive warranty for its finishes in the industry.


Let Bluewater help you protect one of your most valuable possessions or marine projects with yacht paint and marine finishes from Alexseal®, Sea Hawk and DuPont.

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