2024 Bluewater Supply Catalog

All prices are subject to change. Please refer to our website for most recent pricing. Lighting 145 Lighting PS2019Feb www.LunaseaLighting.com Lunasea Lighting's state of the art design systems are easy to install and easy to upgrade. Best of all, they offer top-value lighting solutions that will meet or exceed your expectations. Created specifically for the challenge of marine applications. Our ZERO EMI LED Lighting products are built to exceed international maritime EMI standards and eliminate all electronic interference that can degrade AIS and VHF communication equipment. Check website for available products. That’s the EMI Noise you’ll get with Lunasea Lighting’s new line of ZERO EMI LED Lighting Products ZERO, NADA, NOTHING The World’s Most Advanced Lighting Slim Line Bar Light Stainless Courtesy Light LED Floodlights and Spreader Lights 1600 Lumen 3250 Lumen Ignition Proof ZERO EMISSIONS LED Navigation Lights Colregs Certified LED Fixtures NEW Indoor / Outdoor Recessed New LED Halogen Replacement COB LED