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Marine Composites


DIAB Composite Marine Products, Divinycell - Polymer Foam Cores

Bluewater Supply
specializes in marine composites, marine paint, marine electrical and other boat building materials necessary for boat manufacturing. When speaking of marine composites, one can be speaking of Reinforcement Materials, Reinforcement Construction, Resins, Core Materials or Composite Material Concepts and can vary greatly in purpose and use from smaller, slower boats to the very largest yachts, vessels and racing boats. Each of these have different performance parameters, product specifications and demand the very best materials at affordable rates.



The DIAB structural core materials range has been progressively developed and refined to meet the many and varied requirements of its worldwide customer base. Divinycell provides ultimate sandwich performance. The range offers high strength to weight ratios, excellent insulation properties, low water absorption and good chemical resistance. A wide range of grades and densities are available enabling engineers and fabricators to exactly match the prevailing application.



DIAB advanced core materials, when used with high strength skins, provide the ideal combination of strength, stiffness and toughness. DIAB structural cores and composites sandwich solutions work by increasing the performance of composite parts while optimizing weight. In principle a sandwich consists of two skins or facings with a core material in between. The skins take up normal stresses and give the structure a hardwearing surface. The core material absorbs the shear stresses generated by loads, distributing them over a larger area. Compared to single skin laminates, the sandwich concept provides substantial improvements in both flexural rigidity and flexural strength. By doubling the thickness of the core, the improvements are even greater yet the weight increase is negligible.



Divinycell - Polymer Foam Cores

The Divinycell range of polymer foam cores is the most comprehensive available. Each grade has been developed so that it meets a specific set of performance criteria. This allows designers, engineers and composite manufacturers to select the most appropriate material for their specific application. If you need a general purpose material then Divinycell H will probably meet your requirements. Need excellent FST (fire smoke and toxicity) properties then look no further than Divinycell F or P. Each grade is also available in a range of densities so that you can fine tune your selection. All grades are also available in a range of finishes to facilitate installation, enhance component quality and to meet process requirements. For series production, all Divinycell cores can be supplied in ready-made construction kits.



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