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Sea Hawk Paints

Anti-fouling paint or bottom paint is a specialized covering applied to the hull of a boat, designed to slow the growth of organisms that would attach to the hull and affect performance and durability. Other types of coatings can act as a barrier against corrosion on metal hulls, or improve water flow past the hull of a high-performance racing yacht. Years ago, boat builders used copper sheets nailed to the hulls of vessels. Today Coppercoat uses an epoxy resin to permanently attach copper particles to the hull of boats, helping to prevent marine growth for ten years or more.

AntiFouling / Bottom Paints

Sea Hawk Antifouling Paints


Sea Hawk Paints Premium Antifouling Paint will protect your boat with premium quality bottom paint solutions for longer lasting performance and still be environmentally friendly.  Whether it is Biocop TF, Cukote Biocide, Islands 77, Tropikote Biocide Plus or any other Sea Hawk epoxy resins paints, Bluewater Supply can supply your needs.



Biocop TF™


Biocop TF was developed as an alternative to tin-based antifouling paints to protect against the harshest marine environments and provide maximum protection.


Biocop TF Anti-Fouling Paint


Cukote Biocide Plus™


Following in the footsteps of the acclaimed Cukote self-polishing antifouling, Cukote Biocide Plus (adapting newer technology) has a high cuprous oxide content, combined with an organic algaecide ñ offering unprecedented control over all types of fouling, even in the most severe fouling areas.


Cukote Biocide Plus Anti-Fouling Paint


Islands 77 Plus™


Islands 77 Plus was developed as an alternative to tin-based antifouling paints to protect against the harshest marine environments.


Islands 77 Plus Anti-Fouling Paint


Tropikote Biocide Plus™


Tropikote Biocide with slime resistance is a hard protective bottom paint that produces the most durable finish for long lasting performance.


Tropikote Biocide Anti-Fouling Paint



















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