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West System - Epoxy Boat Repair Products

West System - Epoxy Boat RepairBluewater Supply specializes in marine composites, marine paint, marine electrical and other boat building materials necessary for boat manufacturing. WEST SYSTEM® epoxy is a versatile, 2-part, marine-grade epoxy that bonds and coats fiberglass, wood, metal, fabrics and other composite materials to provide superior strength and moisture resistance.



Whether you are building a strip canoe, kayak, kit boat or super yacht WEST SYSTEM® epoxy is the professionals first choice. It is also a first choice for fiberglass boats, aluminum boats, plastic or wooden boats of all shapes and sizes.



  • 105 System - Epoxy Resins, and 205 Fast Hardeners, additives,
  • Specialty Epoxies: Six10 Epoxy Adhesive, G/Flex Epoxy, G/5 Adhesive
  • Reinforcing Fabrics, Specialty Tools & Vacuum Bagging



Since 1971, West System has been a leader in developing marine-grade epoxy used in boat building around the world. In-house chemists formulate their products for excellent handling characteristics, superior strength and water resistance to withstand even the harshest ocean environments. For further questions, please Contact Bluewater Supply.

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