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Structural Foam Core

Structural Foam Core - Divinycell, Renicell

Manufactured by DIAB, the Divinycell range of polymer structural foam cores is the most comprehensive available. Each grade has been developed so that it meets a specific set of performance criteria. This allows designers, engineers and composite manufacturers to select the most appropriate material for their specific application. If you need a general purpose material then Divinycell H will probably meet your requirements. Need excellent FST (fire smoke and toxicity) properties then look no further than Divinycell F or P. Each grade is also available in a range of densities so that you can fine tune your selection. All grades are also available in a range of finishes to facilitate installation, enhance component quality and to meet process requirements. For series production, all Divinycell cores can be supplied in ready-made construction kits.


  • Divinycell H - High Performance Structural Foam Core - The ductile qualities of Divinycell H make it ideal for applications subject to fatigue, slamming or impact loads. Where a more brittle core material might well shatter or delaminate as a result of an impact, the ductility of Divinycell H allows it to absorb energy when deflected without structural failure. Other key features of Divinycell H include consistent high quality, excellent adhesion / peel strength, excellent chemical resistance, low water absorption and good thermal / acoustic insulation.
  • Divinycell F - Low FST, High Temperature Structural Foam Core - Divinycell F recyclable, prepreg compatible sandwich core represents a significant breakthrough in core material development. In addition to offering excellent FST (fire, smoke and toxicity) properties, it also has good mechanical properties and processing characteristics.
  • Divinycell HT - Aerospace Grade Structural Foam Core - Divinycell HT was developed for use with aerospace grade prepregs for both interior and exterior use. Recently Divinycell HT polymer foam material was extensively upgraded and is a worthy successor to the original HT. Divinycell HT sets new standards in terms of performance and processability and is suitable for a very wide range of structural and non-structural applications. Furthermore it is non-hygroscopic, has a reduced environmental impact, superior damage/impact performance and improved dielectric properties.
  • Divinycell HP - High Performance, Prepreg Compatible Structural Foam Core - Divinycell HP is ideal for a wide range of applications in the marine, wind energy, transportation and industrial markets. With its high processing temperature, Divinycell HP can be processed at a much higher temperature than other polymer core materials in general use, making it suitable for not only low but also medium temperature prepregs.
  • Divinycell P - Low FST, Thermoplastic Structural Foam Core - Divinycell P is a recyclable, thermoplastic sandwich core material that is typified by excellent FST (fire,smoke & toxicity) properties, a wide processing envelope and very good fatigue properties. It is available in densities from 3.8-9.4 lb/cu.ft. (60 to 150 kg/cu.m.) and offers good acoustic/thermal insulation properties, low water absorption, good mechanical characteristics and chemical resistance.
  • Divinycell HCP - High Density Structural Foam Core for Subsea Applications - HCP stands for Hydraulic Crush Point. Divinycell HCP grade has been developed to meet the demand for a high-performance, lightweight buoyance material with excellent characteristics. It is widely used in pipelines, floatation units, diving bells and impact protection structures. As a result of its excellent hydraulic compressive properties and closed cell structure, it has very low buoyancy loss and water absorption under long-term loading conditions. Divinycell HCP is recognized as the most cost efficient homogeneous foam buoyancy material for depths ranging from sea level to 2,300 ft. (700 meters). It is a partially cross-linked structural cellular material which is expanded using a CFC-free process.


DIAB / Divinycell Structural Foam Cores


Renicell is a high-density polycarbamate foam, a modified polyurethane, developed for applications where high compressive properties are required at a competitive price. Its polymer network is made from a polyester and polyether blend producing a foam with excellent static mechanical properties. Renicell is manufactured using a continuous pour process which minimizes density variation and maximizes consistency. The result is guaranteed consistent product performance. Renicell can be used for a wide variety of applications. Boat transoms, cargo container walls, high density inserts, hard points for lifting hooks, mounting pads, stringers and more.

Sandwich composite components fabricated with Renicell will not rot or degrade with time. Renicell offers excellent skin-to-core adhesion and is compatible with the majority of resins and adhesives including polyester, vinylester, epoxy, and polyurethane.

Bluewater Supply specializes in marine composites, marine paint, marine electrical and other boat building materials necessary for boat manufacturing, including Divinycell Structural Foam Core. Divinycell Structural Foam Core are products for building structurally sound boats. For further questions regarding Divinycell Structural Foam Core, please Contact Bluewater Supply.

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