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Marine Supply & Marine Supplies

Marine Supply & Marine Supplies - Charles Industries transformers, Armacell insulation, Sonic Illusions, Pacer Marine wire and cables & Trident Rubber


Bluewater Supply LLC was founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of Electric Supply and Equipment Company. The formation of Bluewater enabled us to offer more than just electrical equipment; we began carrying other marine supplies such as marine paints and fiberglass & composite materials.

Among the electrical suppliers we carry are Charles Industries transformers and battery chargers, Armacell insulation, Sonic Illusions navigational lighting, Pacer Marine wire and cables, and Trident Rubber wire management supplies. When it comes to connecting all of your wiring and electronics, take a look at our terminals and connectors from Fitz Industries.

When we expanded outside of the electrical field, we started carrying marine supplies for paint and fiberglass. We sell anti-fouling bottom paint in a variety of colors from New Nautical Coatings. For topcoat paint we have custom colors available by DuPont, along with a large inventory of stock colors. To apply your paint, you’ll need to check out our brush and roller selection from Linzer Products.

Whether you’re installing electrical components or getting ready to paint let Bluewater Supply be your source for great marine supplies from all the major brands. We are committed to being a true partner in helping reduce your production costs by using just-in-time inventory and lean manufacturing techniques.

Have questions about other Marine Supply items? Please contact Bluewater Supply

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